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a short site about The Divine Comedy

The Divine Comedy is Neil Hannon.

Neil Hannon is a singer, lyricist, composer and musician and he produces his records. He also owns his label: Divine Comedy Records. He worked with Tom Jones and Keane, to cite a few, and wrote songs for Ute Lemper or Charlotte Gainsbourg.

Neil Hannon created The Divine Comedy as a indie band in the late 80s. After an album, the band split up shortly. In 1993, Neil Hannon keep the name The Divine Comedy to release Liberation. From that time on, The Divine Comedy was to be a concept led by one man, though sometimes involving many musicians.

In 1996, the single Something For The Weekend, taken from the album Casanova, unexpectedly raised The Divine Comedy up into the British charts.

Neil Hannon claims influence by Electric Light Orchestra, Scott Walker, Jacques Brel, Kurt Weil, U2, REM or even Michael Nyman. Neil's songs are famous for their irony as well as their baroque orchestration and have influenced Rufus Wainwright, Duke Special, The Thrills, and Vincent Delerm and Yann Tiersen in France.

With the turn of the century, The Divine Comedy signed with Parlophone, under which label he released the albums Regeneration and Absent Friends. More recently, after leaving Parlophone, Neil Hannon redefined himself as a solo artist while he is not busy composing for theatre works. He also has enjoyed a new success with his new band The Duckworth Lewis Method co-founded with Irish musician Thomas Walsh.

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paragustoscolores: PortAmérica (sábado 18): un final divino

03/08/2015, paragustoscolores: PortAmérica (sábado 18): un final divino

Llegaba el gran momento del sábado. Neil Hannon y su banda actual se subían al escenario SON Estrella Galicia para hacer un repaso por la carrera de The Divine Comedy. El encantador Hannon echó la vista atrás para deleitarnos con temazos como "Everybody Knows (Except You)", "Becoming More Like Alfie", "Lady of a Certain Age" o "Generation Sex". Mención aparte merece la maravillosa-emocionante-épica (se me acaban los calificativos) "Our Mutual Friend" que, rizando el rizo, incluyó un guiño final al "Chandelier" de Sia.
Divine Comedy For Oh Yeah Legend Award | Oh Yeah Music Centre, Belfast | News

03/08/2015, Divine Comedy For Oh Yeah Legend Award | Oh Yeah Music Centre, Belfast | News

Official press release from the Oh Yeah Centre; and ticket link for the Belfast event.
A special Legend presentation and performance at the Mandela Hall, Belfast, November 14.


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