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Once upon a time, there were many fanzines dedicated to The Divine Comedy, but now the interest seems to have worn out for only a few of them are still available. However, these Fanzines are very interesting for they gave exclusive news, thanks to their close relationship with the management. Unfortunately, this is not the case with fan created websites.

Muse Magazine

Published by the band's management (The Divine Management), Muse was issued as soon as 1997 and wasn't for Fan Club members only. Edited by the well-renowned Claire Shahbazian, Muse Magazine was issued regurlarly until 2003. Now, the internet based Inner Circle has taken over.


The first Divine Comedy fanzine, edited by Lucy Hunter, used to be the reference in its homeground in 1996-1997 a glorious time for both The Divine Comedy and the Europop mailing list. It became known thanks to the fanclub's newsletter and a small ad published in Select (March 1997): "Divine Comedy fanzine. Summer issue still available includes exclusive Neil Hannon interview. Send £2.50 cheque to: L. Hunter".

The Hannon Companion!

An acknowledged fanzine! Indeed, Neil Hannon dedicated 'If...' to its editors, Ian & Wendy Ballard, during a gig in Cambridge, 1998.

The Frog Express

This Irish fanzine, edited by Sarah Barry, dates back to 1998-1999. Initially entitled The Frog Express, its name then turned into Between The Two... My Heart Is Bound.

5.4 De Génie

More than a fanzine, 5.4 de Génie was also a club. Created by Alice Doré, it was mainly directed towards Divine Comedy's French audience, but was also published in English. Unfortunately, we don't have any recent news.


This Japanese fanzine (published in Japanese and in English for those who want to read it) was created at the time of Neil Hannon's conquest of Japan by Yukako Honda. Unfortunately, we don't have any news from that part of the world.