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A baroque-soul near-masterpiece.

Finally seeing a domestic release, the Divine Comedy’s Regeneration represents the best of British pop music. Vocalist Neil Hannon croons intelligent lyrics ruminating on God, the fragility of life and the stupidity of culture in his dour, lounge-singer-with-sincerity voice. His sly words complement the elegant polish of the band’s soul-filled style, which often resembles an uptempo Tinderstick. But it’s the production values of Radiohead Svengali Nigel Godrich that push Regeneration beyond its baroque souls-peers. Adding a chiming elegance and atmospheric roar à la OK Computer to DC’s catchy guitars, gloomy pianos and swelling strings, Godrich leaves listeners with a lilting, suave and grandiose near-masterpiece.

Anne Zaleski
Alternative Press, 11/2001 (?)