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"You have no concept of how un-showbiz our lives are. I don't feel glamorous when I am collecting dog poo in my back garden." - Neil Hannon.

UKMC 2: Welcome everyone to AOL Live. Tonight we are joined by Neil and Pinkie from The Divine Comedy.

UKMC 2: Our first question tonight comes from Austin Powers IV...
what has it taken you such a long time to create a new album?
Pinkie: Because .. lots of reasons in fact we changed our record company, because we changed our working practices and we had to wait for Nigel Godrich to finish doing the Radiohead album and Neil had to write the songs.

Question: When is the new single out and tell us all about it?
Neil: Monday 14th. The title is derived from an incident in Switzerland where our lighting man was on a bit of a bender. Our monitor man Jerry took him to one side and said Foxy, you're a bad ambassador for Ireland I thought that was hilarious and used it for a song about me. My song's is simply about chilling out and enjoying the music, and life.

UKMC 2: What happened to the suits?
Pinkie: we burnt them and chucked the remains into a river
Neil: where they got eaten by pirahnas. The elbows were all out of them.

UKMC 2: Someone curious about your tastes...
Favourite album of the last year?
Neil: it's quite recent Daft Punk - Discovery
Pinkie: I'm hoping it's the new Radiohead album but I haven't heard it yet.

Question: Are you playing any festivals this year?
Pinkie: Yes. We are playing T in the Park in Scotland and V2001 Festival in Chelmsford and Leeds and also other European festivals.

UKMC 2: What keeps you going as a band?
DivineComedyLive: Neil: alcohol, coffee and other soft drugs.

UKMC 2: MillicanXtotheZ asks...
do u think there are enough british bands willing to make music that sounds fresh i think only primal scream r capable of suprising?
Neil: British music has been a little off colour lately. But we live in hope of an upturn. Of course there are always the old faithfuls Radiohead, Coldplay, Supergrass and Travis.

UKMC 2: Bathosbabe asks...
what is your favourite 'national express' destination?
Neil: when I took the National Express it was generally to the West country where my brother lives.

UKMC 2: Schwarzpg asks..
Is Neil planning on doing any more cameos, as with Robbie Williams- and how did that one come about?
Neil: Robbie asked me to do backing vocals on his album and I did, with pleasure unfortunately Neil Tennant went to the mix of the song and made sure his backing vocals were up loud enough whereas mine remained quite low (laugh) in comparison I am not planning any further cameos in the future.

UKMC 2: Soda1129 asks...
I know this a long question, but i have wanted to know the answer for ages! i saw you play before robbie williams a few years ago and u played a a kinda dance song, i was just wondering the name of that song!
Neil: Europop
Pinkie: and it's on Liberation

UKMC 2: Spookymooc asks...
how did you get involved with father ted ?
Neil: one of the writers Graham Linehan offered me the job after having reviewed Liberation for Select. I was pleased to do it at the time, because I wanted to do TV but I'm even more pleased now because it turned out to be a massive success.

UKMC 2: ALagoutte asks....
will you release a live album soon ?
Neil: funnily enough CD2 of Bad Ambassador is entirely live and maybe we shall do more in the future that way.

UKMC 2: Stevebates1968 asks...
would you say this is your best album to date?
Pinkie: yes
Neil: yes
Pinkie: if you thought it was worse, you'd never finish it.

UKMC 2: Bathosbabe asks...
i love the song ' lost property' - what was the last thing you lost? ps what did you think of the west country?
Neil: this song is about Bryan losing things. He has a long history of bad possession retention, I'm similar but not as bad.
Pinkie: the last thing I lost was my last night's show pass for the gig.
Neil: And on to the west country - it is very beautiful but a little bit dull.

UKMC 2: PBulch asks....
Have you ever aspired to write a musical in the vain of say Absolute Beginners?
Neil: if I were to write a musical I'd hope it would be slightly more successful than Absolute Beginners which was, let's face it, rubbish in fact it's because most musicals are rubbish that it would be nice to write a good one.

UKMC 2: Original dreama asks..
whatz ben the best timez in ur livez? Kerry, sussex
Pinkie: All good times.
Neil: Travelling back from the West country with our new puppy, Leia in my wife's arm.

UKMC 2: What do you think of the new so-called New Acoustic Movement - Kings of Convenience et al?
Neil: it's not loud enough.

UKMC 2: Schwarzpg asks...
Do you have any methods to your writing- or does it just come to you?
Neil: I thrash about on the guitar for hours until something happens that takes my fancy then I thrash about with that for another few months until I decide it's rubbish and bin it.

UKMC 2: Emmaj84 asks...
Why did you only use 'Get me to the monastery' as a B side?
Pinkie: because it didn't fit in with the rest of the songs on the album.
Neil: I like it but just because it's on a B side does not necessarily downgrade it.

UKMC 2: Spookymooc wants to know...
Whats your favourite beatles track ?
Neil: Tthe Long Winding Road
Pinkie: Octopus' Garden

UKMC 2: XxMiz SweetxX asks...
who would you like 2 act with in a movie if you could?
Neil: Jim Broadbent
Pinkie: James Bond even though he's not strictly an actor, I'd love to be in a James Bond film.

UKMC 2: Goblinab asks...
On that note of Absolute beginners many new bands have mentioned Bowie amongst their main influences-Has he influenced you in any way if not who did?
Neil: no I've never much rated him
Pinkie: I have all his records
Neil: oh hang on, he's a god isn't he?

UKMC 2: Minxyminx2 asks..
What is the worst stage fright you have had?
Neil: Performing at my cousin's wedding in front of my parents, uncles and aunties, grandparents, and assorted clergy. And I had to follow Brian Molko from Placebo which was hard.

UKMC 2: Dickonedwards asks...
When did you last have a haircut, Neil? Or a shave, for that matter?
Neil: when did you last make a new romantic record?

UKMC 2: Schwarzpg asks...
what's your favourite venue?
Neil: Madison Square Gardens in New York in theory
Pinkie: La Cigalle in Paris

UKMC 2: Nikjw27 asks...
what other releases are planned from Regeneration?
Neil: we take it as it comes. We're easy.

UKMC 2: Bathosbabe asks....
if you weren't chatting live (& i'm so pleased you are - thanks) would you be watching 'eastenders'?
Pinkie: no
Neil: no, I hate soaps

UKMC 2: Alicemcguinness asks....
Did u enjoy touring with Robbie Williams and is he as funny as nice as he apears to the public?
Pinkie: Yes I did
Neil: I did too. A lot.
Pinkie: and I think he's a very nice man
Neil: a very, very nice man with a lot of potential!

UKMC 2: Goblinab asks...
Is there anything you think is worth watching on TV in this country?
Neil: god yes, lots! The League of Gentlemen, on BBC2 The History of Britain with Simon Schama and SMTV.

UKMC 2: PWatson483 asks...
How do American audiences react to your music ?
Pinkie: we don't know
Neil: we've never been with the full band but we certainly hope to this year or early next year.

UKMC 2: Max20270 asks...
r u doing any more london gigs later this year?
Pinkie: yes at least one
Neil: but we're working on it.

UKMC 2: LindaMcLies asks...
Which song that you have written is your favourite and why?
Neil: Festive Road it's about Mr Benn.

UKMC 2: Pammie1320 asks...
when are you playing glasgow again?
Neil: october
Pinkie: but we're playing T in the park in July.

UKMC 2: A french question from ALagoutte...
thank you for coming at Printemps de Bourges. Will you come in other french festival this summer ?
Neil: yes in July, but it's not announced yet.

UKMC 2: Tillymint7185385 asks...
Pinkie: The Jungle Book
Neil: 2001: the space odyssey

UKMC 2: Abervilla asks...
Neil-I loved the William Hague song on Nicky Campbell today-do you think New Labour might give you big bucks to use it if if their lead dwindles?
Neil: I think that they're better off leaving it well alone, for the sake of their lead. PS don't forget to vote on June 7 everybody.

UKMC 2: PSKYBLUEARMY is getting a bit ahead of himself...
will the next album be similar to regeneration or will you return to the style of the previous albums?
Neil: I expect we will treat this album as a good foundation for future projects.

UKMC 2: Dandotco asks...
do u wish u could go back to a normal life or do u prefer the showbiz life?
Neil: you have no concept of how un-showbiz our lives are. I don't feel glamorous when I am collecting dog poo in my back garden.

UKMC 2: Bathosbabe is back again...
What are you reading at the moment?
Pinkie: I'm reading a very heavy book called The Gunpowder Plot by Antonia Fraser.
Neil: What a Carve Up by Jonathan Coe.

UKMC 2: Abervilla asks...
The new album is fantastic-the version of Bad Ambassador on Campbell was great.Do youlike mornings?
Neil: only when I'm not doing accoustic sessions.

UKMC 2: Nikjw27 asks...
Your tour dates suggest you are bigger in Europe than in UK - is this the case?
Pinkie: no
Neil: It varies from place to place all over Europe. And remember the UK is a part of Europe.

UKMC 2: MillicanXtotheZ asks...
is your woodshed full of dog poo?
Pinkie: good question
Neil: congratulations you win question of the hour! If only it had an answer.

UKMC 2: EnglishSop asks...
Whos your favorite band and what do you think of Stereophonics?
Neil: My favourite band is Radiohead. I try not to comment negatively about other people's music. Let's leave it there shall we?

UKMC 2: Emmaj84 asks...
Do you get annoyed when fans come up to you?
Neil: Only if they hit me.

UKMC 2: Hulahoop121 asks...
what do u lot think of eminem?????
Neil: He doesn't swear enough. And he wears baby clothes on stage.

UKMC 2: Hulahoop121 again....
ppppppllllllllllleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaasssssseeeeeeee answer my question do any of you like hulahoops???????
Neil: can't get enough of them
Pinkie: marmite ones

UKMC 2: Bassampprophet asks...
what do you guys get up to on saturday night when your not doing band connected stuff/?
Pinkie: Go for a couple of pints with my friends
Neil: Only a couple Pinkie?
Pinkie: Sometimes more!

UKMC 2: EnglishSop has the last question of the evening....
do you think you will be around in the next 10 years. (Lets hope so).
Neil: we'll be around for as long as you want us to be.

UKMC 2: Any final words for your fans?
Neil: You are the reason we exist, don't ever change. Love you. Bye.
Pinkie: That's very cheesey. But thank you.

UKMC 2: That's all folks Thanks for all your questions everyone, Divine Comedy are now leaving the building!

AOL 10/05/2001