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Neil Hannon, 26

“I laughed manically when I heard you’d asked me to do this,” says Neil, frontman of post-modern romantic pop group The Divine Comedy. “And, I thought, I’ve got to do it.” His only wish was to be cast as The Artist in one of his former incarnations (ie, Prince on the cover of his LoveSexy album). “He takes himself so seriously and I don’t, I just felt like I had to have a laugh and take the mickey a little. Plus, I’m about as un-love sexy in the nude as it’s possible to get.”

We think he looks radian in his new role. And, even though he’s known for singing sweet words of love, he’s rarely found reclining among the lilies. He told Cosmo, “My PR came to the shoot, and her phone kept ringing with people wanting to know if she’d seen it yet – the whole thing was such a big alugh.”

When we informed Neil that skinny men are hot property – thanks to Jarvis Cocker and Brett Anderson – he remained unimpressed. He says, “I must have the least healthy body on the planet. I never exercise because I’d just fade away! I like to think my body will improve with age.”

Thankfully, Neil’s voice is strong, resonant, mellow – and his favourite body part. He says, “My voice has matured pretty well, it could be something to do with the millions of fags I smoke every day.” And, as for the rest of him, we think the whole package is divine.

Cosmopolitan, 1997