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Neil's Best Selection

1.Discovery / Daft Punk

The dance album all of us had been waiting for. It has many rovolutionary experiments, and wonderfully also features long guitar solo.

2.Is This It? / The Strokes

Yes, it's not original at all, but these songs were derived from perfect successes of the past and I can't find fault with the song's quality. And they also have their good looks!

3.Rock'n The Suburbs / Ben Folds

Again, a collection of gems by the American master of piano.

4.Rings Around The World / Super Furry Animals

Wow.This is a counterattack which is greater than usual by the kings of contemporary psychedelia.

5.Amnesiac / Radiohead

Damn it! When I try to talk about such innovative music as this, I can't help but seem to sound like I am exaggerating. But I have no hesitation in saying that Pyramid Song was born from incomparable talent.

6.Free All Angels / Ash


7.Invisible Band / Travis

The contribution to making the banjo rank higher in the temple of rock instruments is great.

What changed in yourself after 11th of September in 2001?

Like everyone else, I was terribly shocked at the 11th of September incident. I think nobody had never seen such a scene and it was terrible and surreal. I say this, but time passes. If we lose someone whom we love by traffic accident or sickness or thousands and hundreds of various disasters, there is no differences in their degree of sorrow. And what's important is to investigate humanity's complex motivation, which caused such a cruel incident, and think how we can make people who have ideas such as theirs find some rationality.

Crossbeat 02/2002