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Queen's Hall Edinburgh

At the end of last year's Regeneration Tour, Neil Hannon - creative force behind The Divine Comedy - announced the band were breaking up. Hannon wanted to go it alone and also spend time with his newly-born child. Less then a year later, an abbreviated version of his band are back on a mini tour.

Hannon is a refreshed figure on stage, as witty and sharp as ever, backed by only guitar, drums and double bass. Material from the Regeneration album features strongly in the set.

What is most striking is Hannon's ever-present love of language; every song is crammed with literary references, from nursery rhymes to the classics. Despite apologising for a sore throat, Hannon's voice was a highlight.

If, with its Nick Cave-esque vocal and sonorous quality, reflects his scope and musicality.

The range of his muse was only reinforced when we were treated to a surprise appearance by gold lame-clad comedian Lenny Beige, who delivered a brilliantly camp interpretation of National Express.

It was an evening of sing-a-longs and occasional brilliance from a man who seems to have rediscovered his self-belief.

Catriona Killin
Scottish Daily Record 16/08/2002