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Love What You Do

There seems to be no middle ground with The Divine Comedy. You either love what Neil Hannon does or you hate it. You either warm to his wit, his cracked croon and his glamorous musical vision or you think he's a smug, untalented, unoriginal smart-arse.

To these ears Hannon is a rather gifted songwriter and this first lifting from the band's forthcoming new album 'Regeneration' is a classic pop song. Like the bulk of the album, 'Love What You Do' is more subtle than the Comedy of old, dropping the Noel Coward/Oscar Wilde style pretentions that might have annoyed certain punters.

What we're left with then is a gently building, melancholy-feeling, light-of-touch, chiming tune with an uplifting soaraway chorus. True, to some it will grate but then there's no accounting for the taste of certain cloth-eared berks.

CD1 comes with two extra new tracks - the jaunty Beatles-ish chug of 'Soul Trader' and the Sixties-feeling love song 'You'- plus the video of 'Love What You Do'. CD2 comes with subdued new track 'Get Me To A Monastery' and the Deadly Avenger remix of 'Love What You Do'.


Cyd Jaymes
Launch 27/02/2001