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The Divine Comedy's Neil Hannon, sporting a "stress beard", told fans not to "fret about the future" during last night's exclusive webchat on dotmusic.

After answering a barrage of questions about the recent split of the band and setting the record straight on a number of issues that have been misreported in the press, Neil said he was "going home to write some songs right now!"

"I'm not completely out on my own just yet," said Hannon. "We still have seven dates in Ireland to do so I'm afraid I can't tell you what it feels like to be going solo just yet."

Despite reports in various sections of the press about his immediate future, Hannon was quick to point out that he had yet to make a decision about how he'd continue his recording career.

"Everybody seems to be trying to make this decision for me at the moment - one way or another, but I refuse to have to make that decision until I feel confident in my answer."

Similarly the direction of his work has yet to be determined.

"You can expect what you like!" Neil said. "I have no idea."

Neil also told us there had been "too many good times to mention" and that all the members of the band were still on good terms. He hinted that he might be working on a musical in the near future and discussed good telly, Michael Jackson, Amelie, Marmite, mango chutney, Latvia, and ending the Cold War.

dotmusic 01/11/2001