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The Divine Comedy

Other musical acts have come from Ireland before but this group came from the northern part of the country, not from the south like their record-label mates, The Frank And Walters. John, Neil, Kevin and John reside in the little town of Enniskillen. Neil, the group’s guitarist explains that “Living in a remote area can cause you to dream and write songs, which is something we’ve been doing for the past three years.” The band members who are only teenagers, came out with their first LP with Setanta, Fanfare for the Comic Muse in 1990 while they were still in school. Between their exams and their vacations, they came back with the marvellous Time Watch, a three song collection. In 1992, Europop came out with four precious songs. Finally, we just want to tell you that Alfonso (Usura) likes the abovementioned group.

Elefant Records Fanzine 1992