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Interview 13 Bakers Dozen

Neil Hannon takes time out from reworking Noel Coward songs and the new Divine Comedy album to answer some questions.

1. Loose Ends or TFI Friday – which do you prefer?
Thank fuck it’s neither.

2. Favourite radio show?
Radcliffe and Lard on Radio One.

3. Wine or brandy – which is better?
Desert wine preferably.

4. You are castaway on a desert island. You can take one person with you. Who would that be?
Chris Evans – it would be my last act of mercy for the world.

5. Favourite Northern Irish pop single of all time?
Van Morrison’s ‘Brown-Eyed Girl’.

6. Undertones or U2 – who gets the Hannon vote?
U2 – the Undertones were far too spotty.

7. Neil Hannon and clubbing – discuss
Nothing to discuss really.

8. Last time you were very, very drunk?
At the Boyzone album launch in Chelsea.

9. Strings on pop records – a good or a bad thing?
Good if handled with care.

10. Do you buy men’s magazines like FHM and Loaded?
No but I look over the crew’s shoulders.

11. Do you harbour a secret desire to appear on Blankety Blank?

12. What colour is your bedroom?
Too bland to remember.

13. An alien lands beside you and asks you to describe what you do in less than ten words. What would you say?
I make people feel kinda funny inside.