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Not Dante

Neil Hannon doesn’t sound like he looks. Waif-like and nerdy in appearance, Hannon has a big baritone voice and he writes sophisticated pop ditties that are as melodically catchy as they are lyrically clever and extravagantly arranged. Which may be one of the reasons that this one-man band records as the Divine Comedy. At the moment, Hannon’s CDs are available only as imports. Fortunately, the cheapest is the newest and the best of the lot. A Short Album About Love, a 32-minute EP, captures Hannon performing seven songs with a live orchestra, including the irresistible ‘Everybody Knows’ (“Everybody knows that I love you … everybody knows that I do, except you”). Hampered by distribution, Hannon does benefit from a compact but comprehensive new fan site, Indulgence.

Matthew Mirapaul
The New York Times on the web, 24/04/1997