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Q&A Competition

1] The tribute CD... flattering, or frightening?

Sorry Jon, he's not listened to the Tribute CD.
Basically, for legal reasons, he's not allowed to listen to recorded versions of music which he has written but not yet recorded himself.

2] Dear Neil,
Many songwriters hold the theory that above us all is a realm of pure creation where songs float around waiting to be composed & only truly creative people are able to tap into it for inspiration. If you held this belief, how does the present minefield of creativity you are plugged into compare with the one you originally unearthed as a wee, ickle lad?

Neil: "Realm of pure creation" - Absolute tosh!
Current situation - Very creative if a little compartmentalised.
Original situation - Very creative largely because every new chord change is a revelation.

3] Hi
What about that "treasure/time capsule" you buried when you were a kid?

Neil: It was a joint venture with my fellow P.3. chums in the Model Primary School, Londonderry. I'm afraid I never found out if they dug it up.

4] Hi Neil,
'Your next album turns out to be a resounding success. It's followed by sold out concerts everywhere you play and as a result Parlophone executives come to you and say 'Neil, we would like to send you on a six week no expenses spared well deserved holiday of your choice anywhere in the world along with Ă“rla, Willow and Leia'. Where would you choose to go and why?
Cheers and Best Wishes,
Soul Trader

Neil: I'd take the family on a relaxed tour of Europe's cultural Centres. A Week each in the following: Prague, Florence, Bilbao, Edinburgh, Stockholm, Lubjana.

5] Hi Neil,
Were there any repercussions following the events at Paradise Farm?
P.S. Thanks for a fantastically cool gig in Edinburgh recently. Your voice was wonderful even with that terribly bad viral infection.

Neil: Actually the bit where I set the birdies free is entirely fictional. A fantasy ending to a true story / non-story. Therefore no repercussions ensued.

6] Hi Neil. Love what you do. Here's my question: How much of an effect on your songwriting does your life as a married man with a child and a dog an' all have?

Neil: The effect is merely the practical "lack of time" aspect of child-rearing. Willow does not yet appreciate my strumming and ivory tinkling. She just cries.

7] Hi,
"What do you think of me naming my son Hannon?"
Kris (gifteddante)

Neil: Bemused.

8] Neil,
Who cleared up the mess when Davey Graham spewed up all over your mothers hot plate when you played that debut gig with 'October' ?

Neil: Bizarrely, I have no recollection whatsoever of this incident. However, I'm sure it was muggins here who had to remove the dried on bits!

9] Hello Neil,
What can you tell us (if anything!) about the new album/songs?

Neil: There are loads of 'em and they're all CLASS!

NH/TDC, 2002