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The Divine Comedy - Perfect Lovesong (Parlophone) / The Dandy Warhols - Bohemian Like You (Capitol)

Uncanny ! The dandies deliver a cynical, derivate, smug, clever and hilarious retro-rock stomper of a love song which clinically dissects the despicable lifestyles of the girlfriend-leeching wannabe-famous indie muso scum who infest LA and Camden. And it rules. Meanwhile our Neil coughs up a smug, clever and clinical dissection of the sort of horribly vulgar 'pop' music that common people like. Again. Sort of a pale, washed-out clone of the Beautiful South song about scribbling lasses' names on your pencil case. Again. And it drools. The difference being, on supposes, that the Dandies are in love with that they mock while snooty Neil consider himself as an 'artist'?. You're not, lad. You're a pop musician. And a fourth-rate one that.

Steven Wells
NME 27/10/2001