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Other releases this week...

When I was a child Tokyo Dragons and Silvertide would have been labelled 'metal' and beaten up accordingly. 'Teenage Screamers' and (oh Christ) 'Mary Jane' are both fairly awful, though tiny-cocked Darkness fans may find their testosterone levels 'amusing'. But not as amusing as Neil Hannon's Father Ted classic, 'My Lovely Horse'. Now back with his proper outfit The Divine Comedy, Hannon's new single 'Absent Friends' is as dry and lyrical as you'd hope, but doesn't once mention fetlocks, so points deducted there. No points deducted for The Bees, whose 'Horseman' single is as fresh as a mermaid's kiss. In fact, extra points have been awarded here for the unnecessarily heavy guitar solo that arrives near the end like some sort of closing-time threat. Kewl!

Rob Fitzpatrick
NME 12/06/2004