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Dawn Of A New Wage: Ash, Travis, Divine Comedy and Space support minimum wage campaign

Ash play their only UK show this year with The Divine Comedy, Space, Travis and Fungus for a benefit show to promote the Campaign For A Living Wage.

Organised by Unison, the public sector workers' union, the show is being held at Newcastle Telewest Arena (April 10). Ticket prices are pegged at the under-22 minimum hourly wage rate - #3. The gig runs from 3pm to 8pm, doors open at 1.30pm.

The show will follow a two-mile march setting off from Gateshead Civic Centre at noon across the Tyne Bridge and through Newcastle to the arena.

The Divine Comedy's Neil Hannon has spoken up in support of Unison's campaign.

He said: "The advances in social justice that were made in postwar Britain were widely copied and continued by Western Europe.

"They however were brought to an abrupt halt in this country by the Conservative Government of the 1980s.

"The time for the UK to re-embrace the ethics of welfare and social democracy is long overdue and the right to a basic living wage seems as good a place to start as any."

A spokesman for Unison said: "The aim of this march and live event will be to press for an increase in the level of the minimum wage and to end age discrimination against young people.

"The early stage times and subsidised ticket prices are to ensure this concert is particularly accessible to young people."

NME.COM 09/01/1999 10:47:05 AM