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Neil Hannon - Simply Divine: I am the Divine Comedy

Neil Hannon has explained the reasons behind splitting The Divine Comedy last year, and has explained the reasons for keeping the name as a solo artist.

Hannon disbanded The Divine Comedy in October last year. Since the split, he has been working on a new album, which could be released later this year.

Now, writing to fans on his official website, Hannon explained his future plans. Speaking about his next album, he said: "I've thought about musicals but too many people have to be involved. I've thought about film scores but I can't find a film that really inspires me to make music."

He went on to speak about his old band line-up. "I found that I simply wasn't enjoying it all as much as I used to", he confessed. "I missed the freedom I had in the old days, and felt I was watering down my ideas to keep everyone happy. It wasn't a big problem, I wasn't ever going to have a nervous breakdown over it, and we could've carried on quite happily and been as successful as we'd wanted to be. Unfortunately life's too short to settle for that. It was of course a terrible thing to have to do to one's friends but I believed I was doing the right thing for us all."

The Divine Comedy name will continue to be used for Hannon's solo output, despite rumours that he was going to ditch the band's name, as well as the band.

He concluded: "I have wrestled with the question of whether to keep the name The Divine Comedy or not for the last six months. After the break-up I was anxious to change the name or to, as it were, 'go solo'. I was heartily sick of TDC and wanted to start again with a clean slate. Over time however, I have realised just what the name means to people and how much it means to me. So, to cut a very long story short, I'M KEEPING THE NAME. Besides, Neil Hannon is a sucky name for a pop-star."

The Divine Comedy play at this year's Meltdown festival on June 17.

NME.COM 27/05/2002 09:10:00 AM