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Gin Soaked Boy

"Drat it and fish hooks," thought Hannon as he scurried across Main Quad towards the Junior Dorm. "I've made an awful bish of this pop lark. A beastly rotten bish."

His sandals crunching on the gravel, he was just a blur of clever reference points at waist height as he whizzed past the RSM's dog, Monster. He thought of the awful ragging he'd got from the younger boys after prep when they'd heard the 'National Express' single. He wouldn't pick up crumpets like that any more, that was for jolly certain.

"Glad rags on as per Matron's recco?" he thought. "Rather! Slightly glummo fizzog on one, rather like old Eggy Duggan's after his Mater rescinded his Railway Modeller subscription? Rather, rather! Lots of whizzo prank lyrics like, "I'm the goodness in the bad/I'm the saneness in the mad"? Sound a bit like James?

Oh. Maybe they'd hate this single, too. He suddenly felt another terrible biffing coming on.

David Stubbs