a short site about The Divine Comedy


The Divine Comedy is Neil Hannon of Londonderry via Enniskillen. He's one of those mildly eccentric individuals who used to appear on the el label - offering (among other things) '60s pop pastiches with harpsichords and string quartets, a Wordsworth poem set to guitars, a gentle poke at the Pet Shop Boys, and an infectious singalong in the style of current stablemates, The Frank & Walters. The 12 songs are an odd mix of quality and fifth-form silliness - a well turned tale, nicely tuneful - but prone to getting bogged down in pretention, and it's sometimes difficult to tell if he's being serious or not. It must be doubtful if such a whimsical non-conformist will ever fit into today's tribal loyalties or homogenised mainstream but if he can hone his talent and weed out the smartass tendency, there's no reason why he shouldn't carve himself a niche as one of rock's literary turns.


Ian Cranna
Q Magazine 10/1993