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After a string of single successes, including their drum'n'bass cover of Noel Coward's I've Been To A Marvellous Party, Neil Hannon and company ply their wry pop - lusher than ever on new album Fin De Siècle.
Portsmouth Pyramid Center, Thursday, September 24

Arch, witty songs from Neil Hannon and his band. Hannon is a wry frontman, with enough self-deprecating charm to reach the back of the hall. Fun almost guaranted.
Wolverhampton Wulfron Hall, Friday, September 25

Neil Hannon's louche fop-rockers head off on tour in support of Fin De Siècle album. The tunes are sweeping and romantic, and Hannon's got plenty of wit and charm.
Edinburgh Assembly Room, Tuesday, September 29

Fresh from guesting vocals on Robbie Williams' forthcoming second album, Neil Hannon returns his attentions to the sweeping orchestral pop and wry wit of The Divine Comedy.
Liverpool, Saturday, September 26 - Middlesbrough Town Hall, Wednesday, September 30

The band who wrote the theme music to TV's Father Ted take their new album, Fin De Siècle, on the road. Witty, urbane pop and Hannon's rapport with the audience should make this a winner.
Cardiff University, Saturday, October 3

The fop-rockers return after Neil Hannon's brief stint as guest vocalist on Robbie Williams' forthcoming second album. The Divine Comedy's lush orchestral pop and Neil Hannon's razor wit remain dependably charming.
London Shepherd's Bush Empire, Sunday, October 4

Intelligent and wry, The Divine Comedy's velvet jacketed pop is perfectly matched live by singer Neil Hannon's sparkling inter-son repartee.
Cambridge Junction, Monday, October 5

After refining their swooning orchestral sound and wittily romantic lyrics on new album Fin De Siècle, the fruity tones of Neil Hannon and his viola-toting pals make their way around Britain.
Bristol University, Tuesday, ocotber 6

Q Magazine 10/1998