a short site about The Divine Comedy


The last trend among British artists seems to be the inclusion of string and horn instruments on an otherwise mainstream rock album. The Divine Comedy – pseudonym of Northern Ireland’s Neil Hannon – take this blending of classical and pop music to an extreme. On Casanova, his third outing, confessional tales of manipulation and lust, bitter rants against middle class mediocrity, and even a tribute to Holly Golightly of Breakfast at Tiffany’s merge with ambitious orchestrations to produce a most cleverly written album. In ‘Middle Class Heroes’, Hannon implores listeners to “Fight the good fight / Wage the unwinnable war / Elegance against ignorance / Difference against indifference / Wit against shit.” Whether listeners choose to join in the somewhat extravagant fight remains to be seen in America, but the humor, talent and beauty of Casanova is undeniable.

Heather Keating
Surface 1996 ?