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Reels on Wheels

Neil Hannon of The Divine Comedy on his favourite tour bus video, La Dolce Vita

When I was desperately looking for samples to put on my new album, I bought Fellini’s La Dolce Vita - then I found out that The Fellini Foundation have a blanket ban on all sampling. But while scouring the video for cool bits, I actually watched the movie and it’s fantastic.

It’s where the world ‘paparazzi’ comes from, and it’s a wonderful chart of the moral decline of this photographer, played by Marcello Mastroianni. The music, by Nino Rota, is fantastic as well. That’s my current favourite, but I haven’t tried it on the tour bus yet because after ten minutes of black and white everybody else would be like, “Shall we try the new Mike Meyers film?”

Actually, my concentration span was considerably longer in the old days. When you’re on your parents’ attic from dawn til dusk writing songs, light relief is going downstairs and watching a four-hour German film from the Forties. But since my life has become very busy, I’ve just been going to Blockbusters and getting the latest disaster movie.

Neil Hannon
Uncut 10/1998