a short site about The Divine Comedy


Imagine the grief that Sting would get if he wrote a lyrics half as pretentious as “There’s not enough lines on the stave to capture the music I crave,” an excerpt from the Divine Comedy’s latest CD. Of course, critics tend to be tougher on intellectually ambitious rock stars than they are on hip cult darlings with the gall to name their group after canonical works by medieval poets. Luckily, Divine frontman and songwriter Neil Hannon has enough musical dexterity to redeem his occasional penchant for pomp and preciousness and that gift has never been more radiantly showcased. Tunes such as the sparkling ‘Timestretched’, the beatific ‘Perfect Lovesong’ and the plaintive ‘Lost Property’ are gorgeously produced and unabashedly pop-savvy, with sweet, sumptuous melodies that complement Hannon’s rugged, quirky vocals. If the guy’s not careful, in fact, he might just end up with a hit.


Elysa Gardner
USA Today 22/01/2002