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Divine Comedy On Comeback Trail

The Divine Comedy have announced that they are to return in February with a new single and a tour in the Spring. The band, fronted by Irish singer Neil Hannon, will play dates in the UK throughout February following some intimate shows in Ireland.

The album to follow, Regeneration, will be released in March and expectations are high that it can follow in the footsteps of previous successes. Hannon himself is confident of the album's depth. "This album is a bit more subtle, a little less smart-arse than before," says Hannon. "We felt that the conceptualism and high drama was beginning to obscure the main purpose of making music in the first place - that purpose being communication. So we developed new strategies to reinvigorate our music, one of which was to ask Nigel Godrich to produce for us".

Yahoo News 12/01/2001