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In this section, we highlite all events related to The Divine Comedy. Anyone who has ever seen The Divine Comedy live has noticed that not only is Hannon excellent at composing albums, but also that his shows are, each time, a new challenge. One day, you will see a rock band; the next, an intimate acoustic performance ; the next day again, Neil will be accompanied by a symphonic orchestra. This is why we have decided to give special room to an exhasutive Divine Comedy chronology.

For this section, we gathered a large selection of Divine Comedy photos from the Internet and various sources. We would like to be able to give credit to the owners of these pictures. If you own some of the pictures and have not been credited, or we haven't linked to your site, please e-mail us and we will give you full credit. If we have published pictures you would rather not see included in our gallery, please e-mail us stating which pictures are yours, and we will remove them.

Many thanks to Tony McGartland for his contribution to the early years. If you feel like contributing to this chronology as well, you can get in touch with us by clicking here.