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The Divine Comedy are to headline the first ‘Belfast Rocks Again’ festival at The Limelight in Belfast, on Saturday afternoon, for a 30 minutes set. But due to a home accident Neil is unable to play, having injured his hand while gardening: “I […] was cutting the hedges round my house with one of those electric clipper thing. I’d done them all and I […] let the clipper fall down to my side and I sort of noticed this throbbing pain, and I looked down and my hand was entangled in the fucking thing. I asked the doctor to sew it [the little finger of my right hand] back up, but it sill looks a bit odd.” [1]
Other bands on the bill that afternoon are Roosevelt’s Farm, Firehouse, D.F.A. and Therapy?. The latter are signed up after the gig by one of the interested A&R men scouting for new talent on the night.
[1] Select Magazine, 1998.