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French version

06/11/1993, Festival FNAC-Inrockuptibles

Location : Paris, La Cigale

Sharing the bill with Silvain Vanot, Mazzy Star, Dominique A, Tindersticks, Me.

Supported by French magazine Les Inrockuptibles, The Divine Comedy win a place to play at the festival FNAC-Inrockuptibles. This gig is an opportunity to get the French audience, which is seduced by a cover of Jacques Brel’s ‘Jacky’.

Neil remembers: “My memory no longer is what it used to be, but I shall always remember a certain weekend three years ago: it was at the Festival Des Inrockuptibles, in La Cigale. The concert in itself was really good, the audience loved it and it was the first time it happened! I didn’t know what to do then so I sang Jacky and the whole room literally exploded! Of course the fact that a photographer working for the NME punched me the day before explains why the whole weekend has really marked me, too. Thanks to my sunglasses, I was able to hide my black eye during the gig, but my nose is still slightly bent on the right since that weekend...” [1]

The sound in engineered by Jean-Philippe Thomas while the show is recorded for Bernard Lenoir’s radio show.

[1] Labels’ advert

Setlist :

Releases / Broadcasts

Recorded and broadcast by Bernard Lenoir L'Inrockuptible, France Inter (Radio France) on 12/11/1993.

Then released as the live CD La Cigale 6-11-1993 for Les Inrockuptibles subscribers.
'Three Sisters' also available on Liberation - Leftovers.