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Just before 11am, during the annual Remembrance Day ceremony in Enniskillen, a bomb planted by the Provisional IRA explodes at the War Memorial. People have gathered there and, when the three-story wall of St Michael’s Reading Rooms crashes down, the victims are buried in several feet of rubble. 11 people are killed, 63 injured, 9 of them seriously.
The archbishop Dr Robin Eames was to have preached at St MacCartan’s Cathedral [Clougher]; instead, he goes to visit the injured and dying in Erne Hospital.
Learning the sad news, many people react, among whom President Reagan, the Pope, and even Bono. U2 are on tour in the States, but they add ‘Sunday Bloody Sunday’ to their setlist in memory of the victims. It features their Rattle And Hum video.
On the following Sunday, “after delivering a heart-touching sermon, the reverend Brian Hannon, the Church of Ireland bishop of Clogher, walk[s] back from the pulpit in tears.” [1, 2]
Neil Hannon, of course, is shocked by the tragic event and writes ‘Remembrance Day’. The song will be recorded for Exposition in the following year.
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