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French version

24/10/1994, Paris

Location : Théatre De La Ville

This is the first show with the new Divine Comedy line-up composed of: Neil Hannon (vocals & guitar), Bryan Mills (bass), Joby Talbot (oboe, saxophone & cor anglais) and Natalie Box (violin). Drums are not allowed in, therefor Grant Gordon has not joined the band yet.
They play with a string section. Tne program describes it as composed by: Russel Harty (piano), Isla St Clair (violin), Bruce Forsyth (viola) and Helen Thomas (cello) who are actually names of TV journalist.

The played set is the album Promenade in its entirety as well as a new song. Although the original concert program announced a different set: Festive Road / Tonight We Fly / Geronimo / Queen Of The South / Don’t Look Down / Europe By Train / When The Lights Go Out All Over Europe / The Summerhouse / Death Of A Supernaturalist / Your Daddy’s Car / Ten Seconds To Midnight / The Drinking Song / Timewatching

Setlist :

Releases / Broadcasts

'The Booklovers' and 'The Summerhouse' released on Rarities.
'The Summerhouse' also on Apropos Of Promenade; however the version of 'When The Lights Go Out All Over Europe' on that disc is not from that show as stated, but is the same version as on Indulgence No.2.