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Absent Friends – Korea

Absent Friends

It may seem strange, but specific prints of Absent Friends were manufactured in Korea. We do not know much about TDC’s publicity (promotional material, press articles, etc.), and how the album managed to raise interest over there. It was a third-party local distributor which licensed the album from EMI.

A few years before, a Korean version of A Short Album About Love was released. This time, this Korean print of Absent Friends. Manufactured in Korea by WHA EUM, it also features the Copy Control system. The copyright notes (on both back cover and CD) mention EMI Records, and the original release’s serial number. Indeed, here, the one on the bar codes is a totally different number. The back cover is then changed in a very similar way to the Ukrainian release, with those legal notes added; but we have to spot also that the EMI frame on the back features on the right not only the EMI serial number, but also the VKPD catalogue number.

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