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Amnesty International Picture Disc

Amnesty International Picture Disc

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    Picture 7" (Amnesty International)
This picture disc is actually not a Divine Comedy record.
In the late nineties/early 2000’s some limited edition (of about 2 copies) of 7” picture discs featuring images of different artists were pressed. These artist included Tears for Fears, Leonard Cohen, Marc Almond, Björk, Pulp, and The Divine Comedy. However, the content of the discs are extracts from a press conference by Amnesty International which featured Sting or other people.

It is said these records were actually pressed to be sold at record fairs as collector items so Amnesty International could raise money to held a conference; however it has never been confirmed if Amnesty International were actually responsible for the making of these records or not.

On the Divine Comedy picture disc, we can read on the A-side: BSAPC-7-I PORKY ORLAKE. The B-side is actually plain white.