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A Short Film About A Short Album About Love

The live at the Shepherds Bush Empire was not, unlike what some might think, recorded for A Short Album About Love, yet it has been filmed.

The concert was actually given the day after A Short Album About Love was recorded, with the same musicians.

The tracklist does not include the whole set list. Only about one hour of this historical gig has been kept.

Setanta eventually decided not to release the video, officially because it was too expensive to put it on VHS tape. It has also been said that the reason why the film was never released was that the musicians where asking to be paid, but this seems unlikely because they are the same as on A Short Album About Love.

Although the video has never been released, parts of it have been projected during the 1998 Black Session and a VHS has been sold on eBay for very high price (£255).

Now that Neil Hannon owns the rights for the video, we can expect that it may be released in a near future under the Divine Comedy Records label.