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A Superb Collection Of Songs…

A Superb Collection Of Songs…

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    Promo CD (BMG Music Publishing / Disctronics / BMG, 1998): 
BMG Music Publishing released this CD in 1998, just when The Divine Comedy moved from Damaged Pop Music to BMG Music Publishing, with the purpose of encouraging the use the back catalogue in film, TV or radio programmes, it seems. The versions of the seven songs are the same as on the albums.

It might be worth adding that, to our knowledge, only one of these songs has been used for cinema and TV purposes: ‘In Pursuit Of Happiness’, which, at the time, had already been used for one British TV program, one French TV advertisement and one French (again) movie.

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Around the centre of the CD we can read: S BMG 12 01 IFPI L502 IFPI 8715 DISCTRONICS