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Christmas Boxsets

  • Formats
    • Casanova + Fin De Siècle (EMI, 02/11/1998): 7243 8 46486 2 6 (PM 636)
    • Liberation + Casanova (EMI, 14/11/1998): 7243 8 45000 2 3 (PM 636)
    • Regeneration + Casanova (EMI, 12/10/2001): 7243 8 10841 2 0
    • Liberation + Promenade (EMI, 12/10/2001 (?)): 7243 8 10831 2 3
    • Regeneration + Absent Friends ? (EMI, 27/09/2004 ?): ?
As a tradition in the music market in France, the record companies always issue 2 or 3 CD box set around Christmas to sell the latest release or the back catalogue of the most successful artists of the year.
Therefore, The Divine Comedy’s catalogue features some of these box set released by Labels at the time of Fin de Siècle (1998) and Regeneration (2001).

Casanova + Fin de Siècle

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This boxset was issued back in 1998. It included the latest DC release, Fin de Siècle, as well as their most successful album, 1996’s Casanova. Both records are the latest usual French releases:
  • The Casanova album is the PM 538 release with both golden titles (and so no mispressing inside).
  • The Fin de Siècle album is the PM 513 album with a CD having a white background.
The design of the box set was made by Objectif Lune, but don’t get it wrong: it wasn’t designed especially for the DC, but likely to most of all EMI’s box set issued in 1998.
The back of the boxset features the tracklisting as well as a short biography which reviews tracks from the two albums.

Liberation + Casanova

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For those who already bought the latest album in 1998 and wanted to discover The Divine Comedy’s back catalogue, another similar box set was designed for them. Coming with the ‘first’ album Liberation and the successful Casanova, this box was a nice introduction to the Divine Comedy’s world. The back of the boxset features the tracklisting as well as a short biography which reviews both albums.

Regeneration + Casanova

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With the success of Regeneration in France (at the end of 2001, Regeneration was in France the most successful DC album), Labels released a box set composed of the two major release: Regeneration and Casanova. Together, the albums showed the difference of style the band could make.
There is no much to describe about the box itself. Both albums were the latest usual French releases:

Liberation + Promenade


Released also in 2001, the box set focused on the early Divine Comedy albums. A great present for those who had to discover the band: two great albums, in one box. Sadly the design is terrible, and don’t really suit the spirit of the records.

Regeneration + Absent Friends

According to Amazon a box set of the 2 albums was released in 2004. However, no info could have been found elsewhere and the item has never been seen. So the existence of this release still had to be confirmed.