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Casanova Companion

Casanova Companion

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    CD (Red Ink / Sony DADC US / Sony, 21/10/1997): 
    WK36863-Disc 2
This Casanova Companion CD - not to confuse with the Casanova Companions singles - was given away in the USA with the Red Ink edition of the album Casanova.

It features tracks from Liberation and Promenade as well as some Everybody Knows (Except You) B-sides (the US Casanova reissue was released in late 1997, after A Short Album About Love). Probably to give to the US fans the chance to hear the Divine Comedy’s classics.

Here, the version of ‘Tonight We Fly’ is one of the most proper version we can find in the DC discography; but still minus the first drum rolls which are overlapped by the end of ‘Ten Seconds To Minight’ on the album Promenade.

The version of ‘Johnny Mathis’ Feet’ minus some applauses from the single version, and fades into ‘Something For The Weekend’.

Near the centre of the CD we can read: DIDX-056001 1 ¤ ¤¤ ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤ IFPI L330