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French version

Comme Beaucoup De Messieurs – France

Labels edited 2 versions of the single Comme Beaucoup De Messieurs, one in a jewel box, the other in a card sleeve ; as well as an acetate CD-R. Furthermore, the main title ‘Comme Beaucoup De Messieurs’ was also released on a 2 tracks sampler CD, given away with the Casanova album. This disc mustn’t be mistaken for a single.

Jewel box single

The single of Comme Beaucoup De Messieurs is near to the French Alfie. Indeed we’ve got the same design elements. But the front picture is less complete on the back and more on the top than the Alfie one.

Around the centre of the CD, we can read: 1-1-4-NL IFPI L046 EMI UDEN 8938262 @ 1

Alfie French CD CBDM CD

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Card sleeve single

The single comes with a card picture sleeve featuring the same picture as Becoming More Like Alfie on the front and the lyrics and the photo of Neil Hannon and Valérie Lemercier on the back.

Around the centre of the CD, we can read: LBR 02 (logo) SNA 938272 09069611 SNA(logo) ifpi L600

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Promo CD

A 2 tracks CD made by Labels with ‘Comme Beaucoup De Messieurs’ and ‘Becoming More Like Alfie’. This promo is interesting as the version of ‘Comme Beaucoup De Messieurs’ is not the same as the one of the 3 other CDs. Indeed the “Mais plus maintenant” of Neil isn’t the same at all! Maybe this was re-recorded just after for the single.

Around the centre of the CD we can read: LBR 02 (logo) SNA 938272 08139610 SNA (logo) ifpi L600