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The Certainty Of Chance

  • Formats
    CD1 (Setanta / Vital, 09/11/1998):
    5 033281 620679 (SET CDA 067)
    CD2 (Setanta / Vital, 09/11/1998):
    5 033281 920670 (SET CDB 067)
    MC (Setanta / Vital, 09/11/1998):
    5 033281 420675 (SET MC 067)
    Promo CD (Setanta):
    SET 067P
    Promo VHS (Vanderquest):
    Letterbox: PAL
  • Items

CD 1


The design for The Certainty Of Chance is black and white, just as Neil Hannon’s suit. The cover photos are black and white. They were shot in Vienna.

So, CD1 is black, with the characters transparent.

Around the centre of the CD, we can read:
12845 01342 SETCDA067 SP FT
092398 (an ifPi logo)LD81

The CD also features the catalogue number on the front SETCDA067 while the sleeve has it twice misprinted: SETA067

CD 2


In the same way, CD2 is white. The characters are the same as on CD1.

Around the centre of the CD, we can read:
12846 01343 SETCDB067 SP FT
092398 (an ifPi logo)LD81

The CD also features the catalogue number on the front SETCDB067 while the sleeve has it twice misprinted: SETB067



The tape has also a black and white artwork. The cover photo is the same as on the CD1, and is drawn out on the back next to the credits. Unlike the CDs, the side and the credits part are white with the name printed in black.

The two faces of the tape are unchanged concerning the inscriptions as well as the magnetic tape: indeed, it says plays same both sides. This is the reason why the titles are numbered 1 and 2 instead of A and B. On the tape are printed:
  • The titles on the top
  • The serial number on the left
  • A Setanta logo on the right
  • The tracklisting on the bottom
Unlike the National Express one, there are no copyrights mentions.

Promo CD

Image Image

This Certainty promo comes in a plastic sleeve, with a sticker and a postcard. The only track is the radio edit, as the promo was intended for radio DJs. This promo is a plain CD written in grey, including the Setanta logo. On the center we can read:
12847 01344 SET067P SP FT

Some feature a sticker on which we can read: “The Divine Comedy release their new single ‘The Certainty Of Chance’ on 9th November, taken from the Top Ten silver album ‘Fin de Siècle’. The band will support Robbie Williams at his arena dates in Feb 1999 and Neil sings backing vocals on Robbie’s new single ‘No Regrets’. Third single ’National Express’ will be released to coincide with the tour.”

Promo VHS


A promo VHS, duplicated by Vanderquest, features the video of ‘The Certainty Of Chance’. The editing was done by Blue post-production; and there is a start screen featuring the credits.

Some copies were distributed by Alan James PR and have a sticker saying: “Shot in black & white, the new video recreates a key scene from Frank Sinatra’s 1962 movie ‘The Manchurian Candidate’. Neil Hannon takes Frank’s role, naturally!”

The Postcard

Image Image

This promotional postcard was given with the Certainty Of Chance promo CD.