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Keane: Live 06

Keane Live 06

Released: October 2006

  • Formats
    • CD (Concert Live, Hull 17/10/2006): 1,000 copies
    • CD (Concert Live, Manchester 18/10/2006): 1,000 copies
    • CD (Concert Live, Aberdeen 19/10/2006): 1,000 copies
    • CD (Concert Live, Reading 21/10/2006): 1,000 copies
    • CD (Concert Live, Wolverhampton 22/10/2006): 1,000 copies
    • CD (Concert Live, Plymouth 23/10/2006): 1,000 copies
    • CD (Concert Live, Brighton 25/10/2006): 1,000 copies
    • CD (Concert Live, London 26/10/2006): 1,000 copies
    • CD (Concert Live, London 27/10/2006): 1,000 copies
Although Neil Hannon never appeared during Keane’s tour in Autumn 2006, which was happening at the same time as The Divine Comedy’s final tour for Victory For The Comic Muse, Keane’s shows featured a sample of Neil Hannon reading W.B. Yeats’ poem ‘An Irish Airman Foresees His Death’.

The studio recording of that reading has never been released, but is to be heard on Keane’s live recording of shows from that tour. Indeed nine shows were recorded by Live Concert (who also recorded in 2010 Live At Somerset House), and only 1000 copies of each were pressed and sold after the shows.

Later, in 2007, Neil Hannon would join Keane on stage for a live reading, in Dublin and London, the latter being filmed for the DVD Keane Live.