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Ocelot: No Requests

Ocelot - No Requests

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Image Probably following his collaboration with French electronic band Air, Neil Hannon was asked in 2007 to contribute to a project by a band called Ocelot. Little was known about the band except that one of the members (Cory Kilduff) came from the hardcore Texan scene; while the other one was based between UK and Texas (James Welsh). It was at the time when bands such as Justice were hitting the charts, and probably a records company found a good marketing potential by looking at the band’s MySpace profile.

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The project remained unheard until press release for the album ‘No Request’ saw the light in 2010 with little promotion in UK where the album was supposed to be distributed by PIAS. However, it finally did not make it over the promo stage, and the album was never publicly released, to preserve the sanity of our ears. At the end of the day, the album was finally made available in 2016 thought Cory’ Soundcloud.

Image Anyway, two discs featuring the Neil Hannon track actually exist. One is the complete album promo in a cardboard sleeve and with a press release. The other is a 5 tracks sampler CD-R that comes within a PVC sleeve.

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