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V/A: Sound Factory - 1.Jour

Sound Factory - 1.Jour

  • Formats (editor / manufacturer / distributor, date)
    CD (Sound Factory / Dureco / Indie Journal, 1993): 
    Bestellnr. 1.Jour
This compilation was given away through the Indie Journal chain in Bochum, Germany. Only 500 copies exists, hand-numbered. At the time The Divine Comedy’s Liberation was just released in Germany by the label Sound Factory, and therefore promoted by the label. The compilation also features other Setanta’s band such as The Glee Club or Into Paradise, and many artists from Sound Factory as the label actually edited this compilation CD.


Image The Divine Comedy has a major place for this record as a Liberation photo was used for CD design, actually the same picture which is used on the Indulgence No. 1 picture disc. The disc opens with ‘Death Of A Supernaturalist’ which was shortened with the intro sample from James Ivory’s A Room With A View cut off.