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V/A: The Art of singing : pastpresentfuture

The Art of singing : pastpresentfuture

  • Formats (editor / manufacturer / distributor, date)
    CD PM 527 (Delabel / EMI / EMI, 22/09/1998 ?): 
    7243 8 45608 2 9
    Promo CD (Delabel / EMI / EMI, 1998)
This commercial compilation by EMI France / Delabel was curated by Pierre-Jean Crittin from Vibrations magazine, and focuses on singers and crooners, but avoiding the obvious of the style. Therefore it includes some recent/contemporary artists, like The Divine Comedy, of which A Short Album About Love’s song ‘If…’ is included.

The design’s idea is a cassette; probably because it means to evoke a mixtape.

Promo CD

A promo CD of this compilation also exists, the CD is exactly the same, but it is just card sleeve instead of a jewel box.

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