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V/A: BBC - The Mix - 275

BBC - The Mix - 275

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    CD-R (BBC Radio International / BBC World Service, 07/1999): 
    MI 0275
This CD-R by BBC Radio International is part of ‘The Mix’ weekly series, a kind of transcription series aimed to promote some artists as well as the BBC archives.
Those CDs usually come within generic blue BBC card sleeves. On one side we can see the CD through the cover, and on the other side a tracklisting sheet is stickered. No idea what is the cue-sheet with full details it refers to though.

These compilations are divided in various sections. First a selection of interviews. Probably taken from BBC Radio programs, they are also accompanied with official version of tracks. Then, the most interesting, is a selection of songs from an Live or In-Session recording. However, it is often only a handful of song from the original radio recording, although they come here in excellent quality. Then it focus on promotion, like the Future Hits series, with a selection songs from the new releases of the week. And to finish there is an older track, selected either from a vintage record, or the BBC archive.

Here, The Divine Comedy is featured as the New Release of the Week with ‘The Pop Singer’s Fear Of The Pollen Count’ in its 1999 single version. The song is also on the Future Hits #117 probably released the same week, and would be included on The Mix 280 the next month as part of an interview.

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