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V/A: The Best Alternative

The Best Alternative

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    CD (Disky Communications Europe, 26/01/2004): 
    8 71153 9 01634 0 (DC 9 01634)
Image This Dutch release is a compilation of various tracks from alternative bands. It features not only hit singles, but also B-sides and remixes. This is what indeed the artwork does not say, but tracks 6 (Mason’s ‘Wide Open Space’) and 17 (The Divine Comedy’s ‘I’ve Been To A Marvellous Party’) are remixes. The two remixes were previously available on the EMI Gold compilation Club Class Alternative: the Manson track is the Trouser Enthusiasts Hermaphrodite Circus Mix, and ‘Marvellous Party’ is the Sharp South Park Remix (and not another Trouser Enthusiasts remix, the Formaldehyde Spritzer Mix, as it is sometimes believed).