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V/A: BMG Synctank - Music Speaks Volume 2

BMG Synctank - Music Speaks Volume 2

  • Formats (editor / manufacturer, date)
    2xCD (BMG Music Publishing / Sony DADC, 05/2006): 
Image This double disc set is part of the Music Speaks series, by the Synctank service of BMG Music Publishing (synchro promo, see also Sync-2-Fit Catalog 06-04).

This Volume 2 has quite an original design. It is a double CD digipack. The front cover has the Music Speaks logo designed as a hole on the cover. Under the cover, there is a silver card, which has on the other side the detailed tracklisting with the copyright owners.

Inside, the design is plain silver; and on the back the tracklisting is silver on a white background. The reason of the silver design is to evoke a mirror, then some titles are written backwards and the first CD is called ‘This Side’ while the second one ‘That Side’.

It is the first CD which features a Divine Comedy track, a rare instrumental version of ‘Charmed Life’.

This CD set was actually issued for the D&AD (Design and Art Direction) awards which occurred on 14th May 2006. Soon after, the Music Speaks Volume 4’d feature a track from the album Victory For The Comic Muse (but not in its instrumental form this time).