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V/A: BMG Synctank - Music Speaks Volume 4

BMG Synctank - Music Speaks Volume 4

  • Formats (editor / manufacturer, date)
    2xCD (BMG Music Publishing / Sony DADC, 2006)
Image This double disc set is part of the Music Speaks series, by the Synctank service of BMG Music Publishing (synchro promo, see also Sync-2-Fit Catalog 06-04).

This Volume 4 has quite an original design. It is a double CD digipack. The front cover has the Music Speaks logo designed as a hole on the cover, but no card is to be found under. On the other side is printed a detailed tracklisting with the copyright owners.

The back cover shows the tracklisting of the two discs. The first one, called ‘New To Your Screens’ features new releases, including ‘Diva Lady’ (in its album version this time, not an instrumental). The second disc, called ‘Classic Repeats’ is a compilation of tracks from the catalogue of BMG Music.

This CD set was actually issued for the 2006 Edinburgh Television Festival awards, hence the design which evokes a TV test pattern and the image of an antenna. Previously, the Music Speaks Volume 2 featured an instrumental track from Absent Friends.