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French version

V/A: BMG - 02 Une Collection BMG Publishing France

BMG - 02 Une Collection BMG Publishing France

  • Formats (editor / manufacturer, date)
    2xCD (BMG Music France / Societé Nouvelle A.R.E.A.C.E.M., 1999): 
    74321 721562
This compilation was issued by BMG Music Publishing in France. It seems to be the second volume of a series of such compilations.

Image It consists of two CDs. The first one contains only recent French songs, from BMG’s local catalogue in France.
The second one features international artists, from BMG’s global catalogue; as well as a few classic tunes from the French back-catalogue. International acts featured are very different in styles, from Britney Spears or Lou Bega to Beck or Death In Vegas. The Divine Comedy track is ‘Gin Soaked Boy’ in its album edit.