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Dominique A: Entretiens

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    2xCD-R (Labels, 02/2004)
This Dominique A CD-R promo features interview with and about this artist. The first disc finished with a selection of songs, including ‘Our Mutual Friend’ as a exclusive preview since the album Absent Friends was not released yet. Dominique A was indeed very impressed when he first listened to the song, and said furthermore:
« This Divine Comedy song, ‘Our Mutual Friend’, vivid synthesis of EVERYTHING you can expect from a song. We can always steer clear of the writing of a song, invoke the limitations of duration to take more or less poetic cross-roads, with which the need for concision is no longer a concern, it does not prevent, as soon as one shows up with a story, an impeccably conducted narrative material, where the note seems to be an extension of the word and vice-versa, here we touch what the song, the genre, can offer more captivating, more dark, just to fit in a precious word that speaks. It took me all of a sudden, I was shaving, the strings of this song unrolled their haunting final motif, I was overwhelmed, unpredictably, I found myself sobbing like a kid, razor in hand, me who never cries on music. Don’t necessarily give credit to all tears, don’t consider the amount of tears in art as a reliable judgmental criterion, but still ... Glad to be sad, definitely. And I read it, he says it: the final two minutes and orchestral of this song are what the weakling is the most proud of in his career: coming from an egocentric of his kind, I find this admission quite beautiful, this pride for a moment of music where he does not sing. » [1]

[1] Dominique A’s website, 2004