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V/A: EMI Mailout 12/01/01

EMI Mailout 12/01/01

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    VHS (EMI International, 12/01/2001): 
    Letterbox: PAL
This five tracks promo VHS by EMI International seems to be part of a regular series of mail-outs to different services around the world, and promote the latest music videos.
Dated from January 12th 2001 this compilation features the video of the all new Divine Comedy single ‘Love What You Do’ (note it is referred as its original publishing title ‘You’ve Got To Love What You Do’).
All designed with yellow stickers, it has tracklisting on the front and the spine of the cassette. The same from sticker is also present on the sleeve.

The spine sticker has options to tick whether the tape is PAL or NTSC, MONO or STEREO, MASTER or COPY. But it never seems to be used. Copies are more likely to be PAL anyway since aimed at the European marker, but NTSC versions may possibly exist.