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V/A: EMI Sync Cover:versions

EMI Sync Cover:versions

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    2xCD (EMI Sync / EMI, 2004): 
    Com 08
Image This double compilation CDs were distributed by emi sync, the synchronisation service of EMI.
It is part of a series of 4 compilations issued in 2004: raunchy:romantic, energetic:uplifting, joyful:quirky and this one: cover:versions. And the design of them is very similar to the other emi sync promos, such as the Victory For The Comic Muse instrumentals.

Image Although this CD does not features any instrumental or rare versions. No, it is just about cover tracks from the EMI catalogue. It features artists such as Robbie Williams, Richard X, Fountains Of Wayne, Supergrass, Blur, Sparklehorse and Thom Yorke to name of few, and of course The Divine Comedy. Despite this is just a compilation of previously recorded material, that collection of great rock songs (rather than obscure tracks) covered by EMI-signed artists helps to make those acts as a big family.

The DC song is their cover of Roxy Music’s ‘Oh Yeah’ which was recorded during a rehearsal session, and released as a B-side on the Perfect Lovesong single.


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