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V/A: Travelling, French Actors Crossing Borders

Travelling, French Actors Crossing Borders

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    CD (Discograph / Bureau Export, 19/02/2007): 
Image This compilation is a rather special project featuring only songs performed by French actors or actresses (sang either in French or in English) and it was curated by different organizations which aim to promote the French music across the world.

The link with The Divine Comedy is their collaboration with French actress Valérie Lemercier. Despite they could have chosen a track from her own album (produced and released by the Tricatel label), they probably decided to choose ‘Comme Beaucoup De Messieurs’ because they found more interesting to feature a collaboration with a well-know band.


While this collaboration was actually released by Labels in France, it seems the rights went into the hands of Divine Comedy Records when they owned the rights from Setanta Records in the early 2000’s.
However, it is said that the management was not able to provide the recording though, and so DCR had to ask a fan to provide them a copy of the tracks. This very fan has actually stated a few times – even though it may have been a joke – that he did send a copy of the alternative version featured on the promo CD of the single; however we can confirm that the compilation features the main version of the song. Fact is the only difference with the original is that the two channels have been inverted though. Difficult then to conclude where the truth lies…